Imagine an RPG, a shooter and a runner all combined into one game. Now, imagine your team is all made up by Chibi-style characters.

Got it? Well, say "Hello!" to our Game of The Week, Rogue Life. Rogue Life is the ultimate crossover video game and a must-have for anyone who wants an action-packed experience on their Android phone. With a unique combination of features that span across such different gaming genres, Rogue Life definitely stands out from its competition.

For those of you who have no time to waste, Rogue Life is quite fast paced. Each mission takes usually no longer than 1 to 2 minutes to complete, and you typically get a bonus if you manage to do it quicker.

If you're the speed runner type, trying to finish everything as soon as possible, then you'll be glad to know that you can just keep going. Visibly inspired by bullet-hell games, Rogue Life offers an exciting experience with a learning curve that has just the right balance, fitting both rookies and more experienced players. All you have to do is continuously shoot the monsters and creatures that keep coming at you while dodging their attacks and collecting coins. When completing each level, you usually get a chest with extra items.

After that, though, you're free to relax and wander around your house. Wait, did I say relax? Well, you can indeed relax, but you can also spend the time at your place customizing your appearance, gathering materials and, then, upgrading your gear. You can also take on a variety of activities that will help you on your quest to defeat the Demon King: chopping wood, mining, studying and baking are all possible in Rogue Life. It’s up to you!

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Once you've proceeded with all the leveling up and equipment improvement, you're ready to go on another mission. If you feel like you could do with some extra practice before continuing your main adventure, you can try some of the side quests. Be careful, though! Quests also have different levels of difficulty, so don’t feel frustrated if you get killed easily – just come back later. And if you’re feeling strong enough, you can also challenge other players directly on Duels.

We're yet to decide whether we prefer the missions or just hanging around the house pimping up the squad. There’s just so much to do! I guess we will just have to keep playing, right?

Let us know what you like the most in Rogue Life bellow and let's form a squad.

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