Do you like Super Mario Run? Do you also like watching people face plant on the floor? Then, today it’s your lucky day, the Game of the Week is an hilarious and challenging game where you will find some Oobstacles along the way!

Although many would classify this game as too simple, part of its magic is based on exactly that, and within that so simple format, lies a subtly crafted work of genius turned into an “endless running game” for your viewing pleasure. The colorful universe in which our runner makes its moves provides a very charming and comfortable gaming experience. You will encounter many obstacles in the Wipeout-like racecourse along with coins to increase your score but you will have not seconds but milliseconds to make the decision to run or wait. How? Just press anywhere in the screen, it’s a pretty simple game!

In addition to that, players can get the social thrill by sharing their videos. What about combining an endless running game and selfie videos? Yes, you can activate your front camera and share videos that include all your face expressions in it. We know, it’s mint!

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