We're pretty sure you have at least once sent a message on WhatsApp but got the answer on Messenger. Or got a Hangouts notification and replied again with an Android message. YES, there are just too many messaging apps now. Worse, there are friends who only ever use Messenger and friends who only hang on hangouts. Who can keep track of that? Oh, and then there’s your mom, who only knows how to send pics via WhatsApp. So, yes, at the end of the day we need them all.


In case you were wondering, we here at Aptoide took the time to scroll the world wide web for the best messaging apps and what they do best. Here is what we found out from good to best! Ready? Let's dive in.



Hangouts gathers text messaging, audio calling and video calling in one place. Unlike WhatsApp or Messenger, Hangouts requires a Google account. It had the potential to be the best messaging app on any platform, but merging distinct messaging systems together can be a little tricky. It will take some effort on your part to make this powerful messenger work for you. You will have to organize all your contacts and once the “house” is clean, you’ll find it actually works great - and even better, makes your social life easier. Get it together!


Here’s one for the privacy seekers. Signal lets you communicate instantly while avoiding SMS fees, and allows you to create group chats with your friends in real time and share media or attachments, all in the privacy of your own phone. Here's the sweet spot: the server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data, which makes Signal the easiest way to send encrypted messages on Android. Sweeeeeeeeet! There are no upselling, ads, or microtransactions either. Secure and good looking, we bet even Edward Snowden uses Signal. The drawback is that without a centralized repository for your messages, you can only read them on one device. Get it now!



There’s no doubt about it, WhatsApp is the best all-inclusive messaging app in the world. It merely relies on whether your phone has an internet connection, and it's great for travelling! You can use it to send an receive photos, videos, documents and voice messages, and it even has voice calls and of course group chats. There are millions of people using it (yes, even your parents) because it works that great on different devices. Oh, and did you know you can “star” messages with important info and access all of those in one, convenient place? Yep. What, you don't have it yet?! Oh, c'mon.


Facebook Messenger

A friendly advice from us: If you want to live talk to someone, use Messenger instead of WhatsApp. It's cool, fun, and guess what, it works. You have special effects and stickers you can add to your photos and you can chat with your friends using HD video. Fun, fun, fun. Recently, Facebook added encrypted messages called “secret conversations", meaning the content can’t be read by anyone else - so they say. The thing is that you have to keep turning this option on for every conversation and that’s annoying. Another bad thing about Messenger is that users always know when you’ve read their messages, and worse, there’s no way to disable read receipts. I'm sure you already have it, but just in case you don't,** here it is**, just for you - no really, you're the only one who doesn't have it yet.


Line is Japanese messaging app, that is actually way more than that. We have to admit that their logo is weirdly similar to the WhatsApp logo, but the truth is that Line is a really cool app. The app became popular due to its VoIP service, allowing voice calls over the internet. Its main difference is its inbuilt feed feature, similar to Facebook, where you can read news and see what others post. Line has a bunch of social games as well, so that you can be entertained all day, everyday. There are other quirky features too – users can add each other via QR code or by simultaneously shaking their phones. There’s also a feature called Keep where you can save messages, photos and videos to view them later. Pretty cool, don't you think? Try it now!