Aptoide’s top priorities are always to deliver the best and safest content to our users, and to help developers succeed. In today’s world, this is often brought to fruition through constant evolution. In that spirit, the next chapter for Aptoide will bring us even closer to these goals.

Firstly, we will be focusing even more on improving the quality check standards within our app, allowing us to further increase our security. Secondly, we will continue to create long-lasting relationships with worldwide developers, in order to deliver the most diverse catalogue to all of our users.

So new year, new Aptoide? Yes, the next platform updates may be the biggest changes we have made so far!

What does this mean for Aptoide?

This means that during 2021, the Aptoide app store will go through some changes. Our main focus will be to bring in even more (and better) apps via Catappult, to reinforce the quality of content available at Aptoide. And don’t worry, the app store catalogue will continue to boast an immense variety of apps available globally (even more than other Android app stores out there ;)).

As for our users, they can expect to find a smoother and more user-friendly experience, with an increase in the quality of content. The AppsCoins Universe will have greater deals than ever before, and AppCoins Credits will continue to be available inside your favorite games and apps.
You can expect to see continued changes throughout the course of this next year, as our team will keep working to improve the experience for all users. For future questions or inquiries, please contact: https://aptoide.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new