Ana Barros is, hands-down, one the key people at Aptoide, and to be honest, we wouldn't last a day without her. Ana has joined Aptoide on the early days of 2013, when Aptoide began to gain traction. Being a master of procurement, logistics, and events, Ana is always busy making sure the team has everything they need to accomplish their goals and get their jobs done, and for that reason, a lot of us affectionately call her "mom". Get to know the Aptoide Superwoman, and learn a bit about her day to day challenges at Aptoide.

1. Hi Ana! Tell us a bit about yourself and about your job here at Aptoide.

Hi there! To start from the beginning, I joined Aptoide in its early days in 2013, and I'm the Executive Assistant, which means I work directly with Paulo Trezentos and Álvaro Pinto on a daily basis. I am mainly responsible for managing the office and make sure everything is A-OK.

I also consider myself a logistics, procurement and events manager. My job is to find new solutions and new suppliers, and manage and control payments. I'm also your go-to-person whenever there's any logistics issues or events that need to be catered to.

2. What kind of work do you undertake on a daily basis?

It's a lot of hard work, I'll tell you that. :) Summing up, I start my day checking whether there are any supplies missing, planning our presence in international fairs and checking if clients are paying. My job is quite flexible and it varies every day, but my goal is to always make sure the teams feel like they are “home”.

I am also the one responsible for the office - actually offices, as we have two at the moment, and counting.

3. What's the most challenging part of your job as an Executive Assistant? How is it working directly with the big guys?

It's a challenge (in a good way, of course!) working directly with the founders. It has given me the opportunity to believe in something, start small, start simple and just get the idea our there and then see what happens from there. If you don’t try, you’ll never know, right? That's my motto. And of course, to create something and then seeing a large (!) number of people using it is incredibly rewarding.

4. You've been working at Aptoide since its early days. How do you see Aptoide's growth into what it is today?

Everything is faster now and the roadmap is quite long. From a professional perspective, I am really excited about the next stage of Aptoide and its growth.
From a personal perspective, I am interested in the challenges that it holds for me and the way I can help others.

5. No one here at the office would survive a day without you. How does it feel being a mom to over 60 people?

Haha thanks! My “kids” have grown up to be the part of the Aptoide DNA. They’re a remarkable group, really. They're super passionate for what they do and that shows on a daily basis. We're all working towards the same goal and we all have a strong vision of what needs to be done and the confidence to make it happen. I couldn't have asked for a better family.

Would you like to join our big family and work with us?

Funny you should ask, 'cause we're actually hiring 40 (!) new people until the end of the year. Come join us or tag someone below you think would be a good fit! Check out all our job openings and get in touch with us.