Beyblade fans, rejoice! Our Game of The Week is the best Beyblade experience you can have on your Android Phone. Bring your best spinning top and get ready for battle, because Beyblade Burst app is out and it’s all about becoming a winner at the Beystadium!


If you grew up in the 2000s, you not only know the Beyblade series, but you probably love it just as well. After all, Beyblade was a hit worldwide with its manga, anime and, of course, its collection of toys.

Focused on the third generation of spinning tops, Beyblade Burst app is an exciting approach to the franchise. The core of the game is battling on the arena, and you can battle in three major ways: Practice, Multiplayer and Tournament. Each game mode also has specific courses that you can choose: for instance, you can also get some training in the Tournament mode.


You start off with just a few Beyblade you can choose from. Customization features are available from the start, though. In the beginning, you can only change the Forge Disc and the Performance Tip of your Beyblade, but give it enough time and experience, and you can also tweak your Energy Layer. As usual, each wheel has a unique design and a specific type – pick from Attack, Defense, Balance and Stamina. As if all this was not enough, you can also scan the codes on your physical Beyblades to add them to your collection in the game.


Once you have tweaked your Beyblade to your liking, you’re ready to face your opponent. Regardless of the type of battle that you chose, the mechanics are pretty much the same. Even though they are fairly simple, they can be quite hard to master. First, make sure you throw your Beyblade accurately – the launch angle can determine the winning spinning top. Then, see it spin while the attack gauge fills. Tap the Energy Orbs to get energy boosts and, finally, wait for the right time to drop that special attack, and watch your opponent burst!

Are you ready to spin your way to victory?
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