There's a famous quote by Agatha Christie: "I don't think necessity is the mother of invention — invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness".

The fact is, people keep saying "there's an app for that" but that's not always true. That's why here at Aptoide, we decided to kickstart a brainstorming session to come up with ideas to solve the laziest problems we're faced on a daily basis.

Consider this challenge: Let us know which lazy app ideas you have in mind. In the meantime here's some inspirational apps and potential app ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Clothes Matching App


Selecting clothes is such a drag. Colors need to match. You need to keep an eye on trends too. And then you still need to match the clothes that you have available on that day. Not an easy task - and it's just boring, right? No more. Just load this app with all your wardrobe data. Actually, ideally, all your clothes should already be smart and communicate their color and cut style automatically via RFID obviously - because who would have the time or patience to go through all the clothes to add them to the system? Oh, and guess what - it actually exists on Aptoide: it's called MyDressing, and you can get it on Aptoide.

2. What Should I Eat Today App


You wake up really late on a Saturday. You too tired to go shopping, and you have no idea what to eat. No problem, just tell this hypothetical app what you have in your fridge and it'll tell you what you can cook. Oh sorry, I know you're too lazy for that. Screw it. Just go out for lunch by randomly selecting a restaurant type. Or in alternative just check our "too lazy to cook" app selection on Aptoide.

3. The Clean My House For Me App


Your house is dirty but you're feeling too lazy? It's all good. Just grab this one called, well, called Lazy. This is actually a platform to look for the best cleaners in town. Simply choose someone and they'll be at your doorstep in no time. Ideally you could even leave the door open and tell them to show themselves in so you can take that so deserved nap.

4. Scoop My Dog Poop For Me App


I love my dog but I just hate picking up his poop. I mean it's already bad enough that I have to get out of the house and walk my dog every single day (actually twice a day), and I still have to scoop his poop? Hell no. There must be a better way. Yea, this one was all over the news a while ago, but it turns out it's actually fake. But honestly, I love the idea. If any of you guys can code, then please, please, make this dream come true for me.

5. Speak With Your House Like HAL 9000 App


Did you hear that one about the man that spent 11 hours trying to boil water for his tea out of a smart Kettle? Sounds funny? That's what you get by trying to be lazy. He also had to dinner with the lights off because they were performing a firmware update.


In all seriousness, loads of Internet of Things controlling apps are available on Aptoide, allowing you to control everything in your house without leaving your sofa. Here's one.

Just consider yourself lucky if your smart "lazy proof" house - or spaceship - doesn't become self-aware and goes Skynet on your ass by locking you out. Just imagine if it happens on a smart spaceship during your first trip to Mars with Elon Musk. It sucks that you can't survive in space. Bummer.

6. Decider App


Making a decision involves thinking about the problem, which of course is a lot of work. What if you could, not just delay your decision, but also completely avoid it. There's an app for that, which is, the appropriately called, The Decider.

7. Girlfriend Check In App


I know you love your girlfriend. But isn't it a pain in the ass when your just hanging with your bros and you have to text her? No more. With The Bro you can do your regular check in with your girlfriend automatically. Just tell him which sweet message he should send and at what time.

8. Short Distance Uber App


I know we already have Uber, which is quite useful. You no longer have to go through the effort of yelling for a cab which already saves you a lot of effort. But, ideally, you shouldn't even need to go through the effort of walking towards your Uber car, or carrying yourself out of the house. I mean what if there was a Uber for super short distances... like... across the street for instance. That would be just great. Who wants to develop this one? Also, bring me the remote too.

9. Doppelganger App


What if you could simply send one of your clones to do your tasks? That would be sweet right? It would actually be the ultimate laziness hack. What if it was possible? Picture this: An app that scrapes Facebook looking for your look-alike. Everyone has a double somewhere in the world but most of us don't ever meet that person. This app could be the solution.

Of course, convincing him/paying him to represent you would be another challenge, though. Just make sure he doesn't take over your life.

While we're pretty sure this app still doesn't exist, feel free to check all the existing attempts available on Aptoide.

10. Candle Blower

If it's my birthday, then why does it have to be me going through the hassle of blowing the candles? Preposterous. But no sweat, there's probably an app for that. Yep, you guessed it, it's called Yet Another Air Blower, and it literally saves your breath.

Forget the previous one, this is the ultimate lazy app!

We hope these ideas can help you come up with better ways of achieving more by doing less!