Yes! After months of hard work perfecting the brand new Aptoide Version 8, you can finally get your hands on it right here.

Some of you had already used previous Dev and Beta versions of V8, so you may already know what is new. However, for the rest of you who haven't had the opportunity to try those initial versions, here's what the fuss is all about:

1. Aptoide has become more interactive


The brand new Apps Timeline system provides you with relevant content related to the apps you have installed. That means you'll see articles and videos related to the apps you use on a daily basis, without ever leaving the app.

On this tab you can also see recommendations of apps from Aptoide based on similar apps that you already use!

2. Aptoide has improved its user experience


A number of relevant improvements on the user experience have also been added: For instance, you now get an autocompletion whenever you try search for apps on Aptoide. You'll also find an improved flagging system. And finally, the new app view has been redesigned and is now more focused on community events, and even makes available all previous and latest versions of an app.

All of these changes are the foundation for a brand new Aptoide, focused on enabling the users to discover new and relevant apps in a social way!


3. Aptoide has become more social.


The community has always been the central aspect of our experience (obvs), but with the new "Community Tab" we think we have found an interesting way of rewarding the most interesting contributions to the Aptoide community.

As you all know, Aptoide has a decentralised system composed of many app stores managed and curated by individual users. This massive ecosystem with over 200.000 stores is what makes up the Aptoide platform. Community, openness and collaboration are the foundational aspects of our platform.

On this tab you'll see new and relevant reviews and also the latest uploads on Aptoide. It's a better way to keep track of everything relevant in the Aptoide community and to discover new apps based on the experience of the other users.

So go ahead and grab the new Aptoide V8, and let's us know what do you Aptoiders think about it!

###[Download the new Aptoide V8 NOW!](