Here is a wrap-up of our top games of November! This month we've come across many exciting games we cannot wait to share!

From the iconic Mobile Legends with new collaborative releases to a shooting game, a futuristic sci-fi world, and the latest news on social media. Read all about it below!

Mobile Legends x Saint Seiya

One of the most anticipated collaborations of Mobile Legends is out. Your favorite Gold Saints set foot on the Land of Dawn with special skins and exclusive resources. For a limited time only, get Mobile Legends and obtain time-limited skins and other in-game rewards in draw events. Don't wait too long!

Lost Light

If you are a fan of realist shooting games, even more, if they are set in a dystopian future with a realistic and compelling storyline, you should try out Lost Light. Set in 2040, you will have to survive a post-apocalyptic scenario of destruction, chaos, and uncertainty. Be wise with your decisions because each one will affect your chances of survival.

Social media platform updates

With Elon Musk jumping into the game and social media platform battles arising this month, we also discussed social media updates. We discovered Mastodon (a decentralized and server-based social media platform) that was released six years ago and could now potentially become Twitter's substitute. We also went over the Tik Tok vs. Be Real battle, which you probably already know about (it has been around since January with a straightforward and exciting premise). And lastly, WhatsApp, with its constant feature updates. Have you tried their poll feature yet?

Eternal Evolution

Eternal Evolution is the game for you if you love strategy games with a mix of futuristic sci-fi worlds and heroes. Download and lead your heroes on the eternal universal arena, crush all the monsters and start your legend evolution now!

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