Giant robots punching each other in the face? And they also transform into all kind of cars, trucks and helicopters? Count me in! This is actually the perfect reason to pick Transformers: Forged to Fight as our Game of the Week.

The idea sounds simple, but it is actually not that basic. In this new version of the well-known Transformers game there is a gold-based system to upgrade and rank up Bots and Mods, along with a Crystal-based achievements system that will provide the player with all the things needed to kick ass in the battlefield.

But that’s not all, once you get to Level 5 (easy peasy, there's no need to play for a whole day, unless you want to - I know I do), you can join an alliance with other players worldwide, which gives a social aspect to the game that makes it much more interesting: complete missions with your team, donate items to the gang and chat with them!


In addition, the menus are easy to use and the animations run smooth, so the gaming experience is top notch. The downside of the game is the loading time; in some cases these can be too long, but it’s something we already expected for a game with this kind of graphics and complexity. Ready to transform your spare time into fun time?

###[Download Transformers: Forged to Fight on Aptoide now!](