Are you using Aptoide’s full potential? These little known tips can help you use Aptoide more efficiently.

How to Search and Get Precise Results

There are more than 209.410 apps and 114.425 stores in Aptoide universe. How can you search efficiently? There are a few tricks.If you know the name of the publisher, you can search by the publisher's name. SPECTRL is the publisher name of the app Rec. (Screen Recorder), an app to make screencasts of devices, you can write directly in the website search box. Or if you know the name of a store, you can input "store:avast" in front of the app name. Use the colon ":" to search any app from any store.

Use Rollback

Rollback can be extremely useful when you update an app that you love and you prefer the old version. Aptoide has a rollback option for you! If you don't know, it's one of the menu drawer options or at the rollback icon on the "Updates" tab. With rollback you can see every action: installations, updates, downgrades and also uninstall.

Auto update apps

Aptoide verifies all updates by package, MD5, signature and anti-malware system so trust Aptoide, enable auto-update on Aptoide settings. This will allow you to have your trusted apps updated without any problem or risk.

Uninstall Apps

As a great Appstore, you can also uninstall apps by Aptoide. There are two main ways to uninstall apps: inside of an application info and on the "Updates" tab. When you have an installed app that you don't want, it's easy and intuitive.