We're experiencing a casual gaming golden age. That's nothing new though. With the rise of the smartphone and home systems like Wii about 10 years ago, simpler games are now the norm. Mobile has provided us with the basic means to justify simpler games that you can play during your day. A bit like the handheld consoles of old, but more casual.


But make no mistake. Android keeps attracting more hardcore gamers while remaining casual at heart. In fact, one could argue that the frontier between these two worlds is getting blurry. Can modern mobile games really be considered casual?

The best games nowadays are the simplest most addictive ever made. This brings us to Space Frontier. In one word: a casual masterpiece. Like many current games, the interface consists of a mere screen tap. So simple, yet so expressive.


The goal of the game is to launch a rocket into space. You do that by releasing rocket stages at the right moment. Tap too early, and you won't get enough boost to achieve escape speed. Tap too late and your rocket explodes.

Along the way, you'll get qualitative scores: Ok, Good, Great, Awesome, Perfect! The best you do at each stage, the harder it gets on the next one. I guess sometimes it pays off to take risks - it's the only path to high score.

Along the way, you unlock rocket upgrades (with more and better stages), and new planets. So you'll actually get a sense of space exploration storyline.

A must have Android game to have on your phone all the time!

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