Whether you just got a new device or you've just updated to the new Aptoide V8.1, you might be asking yourself “what is new?”. Well, you've come to the right place.

Let's look at some of Aptoide's new features:

1. Create Your Store


On this new version, the store creation workflow is now possible inside the app, providing a better integration of your Aptoide Account and your personal Aptoide Store. Aptoide is closer than ever to being a social network focused on Android apps, by reinforcing the concept of Aptoide store as the key aspect of the Aptoide community.

Aptoide revolves around the community concept, and that means that the User Stores is the central concept. It's like your personal profile on Aptoide, where you can showcase the apps you use, compile and share lists of apps, and write app reviews.

It is also your central hub in terms of social communications within Aptoide. This means that you can have followers on this store, and also follow other users. After that, you can choose what to share with the other users on the Apps Timeline.

2. Recommended Stores


Aptoide now suggests stores with similar apps to yours, helping you discover relevant apps more efficiently.

3. Follow your Friends


You can now link your account to Facebook or Twitter and find your friends on Aptoide to see which apps they are using, uploading and sharing!

4. Reshare on Apps Timeline


Now it's possible to reshare cards from the Apps Timeline in your own timeline so that your friends can learn about apps or app-related content.

5. Edit Your Store


So many new features, uff! Now it's also possible to edit your store settings inside the app, without needing to login on the main Aptoide website.

###**[Download Aptoide V8.1](http://apkins.aptoide.com/aptoide-**