If you're into entertaining yet complicated save-the-human-kind-type-of-missions, packed with real gunshot and blood splurging effects, then you probably shouldn't miss out on playing the highly addictive Sniper 3D: Shoot & Survive FPS game.


While playing this adrenaline-pumping, action-packed FPS, you'll take the role of a professional sniper whose sole purpose is to shoot down the enemy. Whether in a moving car, hiding in the middle of a huge crowd or, in a straight up hostage situation, your only task is to aim, shoot precisely and kill your target! - we promise you will not need to go to yoga class after this!


Different missions also include exploding helicopters, trying to avoid a deadly virus from killing millions of people, shooting down zombies, and other types of duties that keep the game both interesting and exciting! In addition to that, completing missions will get you coins, which you can then use to buy new lethal weapons to increase your deadly arsenal - NICE!


Besides having a great storyline with over 100 different and exciting missions, Sniper 3D: Shoot & Survive FPS includes easy and intuitive controls, incredible 3D graphics and, the best part is.... wait for it... that this game is FREE! Although we must warn you that it includes some content and optional in-app purchases that will request real cash.