Do you want to become a power gamer? Then this app is for you! By joining the #AppCoinsUniverse, players do not need a credit card or Paypal account to make in-app purchases. Instead, you can earn #AppCoinsCredits and use them to get the gaming items you desire. 

👛  So what is the AppCoins Wallet? 

The AppCoins Wallet is an app that allows users to receive, store and send digital currencies in an easy and comfortable way. 

🔒  Is it safe? 

Absolutely! The AppCoins Wallet is safe. Your private keys will never leave the device because they’re stored locally. 

💰  Did we tell you It gets you rewards? 

The AppCoins Wallet enables you to get a bonus of up to 20% in AppCoins Credits to spend on in-app purchases for each purchase you make. Buy more, earn more! Sounds like a dream, right? 

📱  What do we want? Easy payments! When do we want it? Now! 

Making in-app payments (for gems, weapons, lives, or other items) with AppCoins Credits is as easy and simple as if you were using any other payment method. 

 In this video, we show you how to start earning AppCoins Credits. Download now and become a rockstar gamer! 👇 

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