This week heroes and villains face each other in a very entertaining and easy-to-play game based on all your favorite movies. Seeing Arkham Knight Batman smacking Suicide Squad Harley Quinn made us have no doubt at all when choosing Injustice 2 as our Game of the Week!


The game can be described as high-school fighting: a team of three mates against another three, but that does not mean that you cannot have more characters in your rooster, like Green Lantern or Catwoman. As with the last superheroes Blockbuster, the role of hero of villain is not well defined in here, so you can end up having the bad kiddos in your squad!

With extremely easy controls, just tap and swipe, the gaming experience is pure fun and excitement. You can exchange punches, and play around your opponent to avoid their moves and to top it up, you can boost your character’s powers in order to reach new levels. Not a very tactical game though, but thanks to a storyline known by all of us and very neat graphics, Injustice 2 is a great title to kill some time!


Download Injustice 2 from Aptoide now!