If you haven't tried a fidget spinner, run! Now. Save yourself. Don’t get infected like the rest of the world. Yes, they say it helps you to focus, but you’ll get addicted and you won’t be able to stop spinning something. Oh, already too late? We gotcha. Or at least, we’ve got 6 apps that help. Because there will be times where it will be super embarrassing to pull your spinner out. Just use your phone.

1. Fidget Spinner- the best one

They said it themselves: the best one. Enjoy the feel of a fidget spinner in your phone. There are six different spinners to choose from, ranging from black and white to multi-colored and beyond. There are also different shapes and bearings to choose from. No shame!

2. Hand spinner

This one is a bit gamified: you get five swipes to get it to spin as many times as possible. Then you earn coins based on how many spins you get. The coins are used to improve the stats of your spinner, and to unlock new spinners. Add a little challenge to it.


3. Fidget Hand spinner

Spin around as many times as you can and get rewards for your attempts. The spinners are, let’s say, very decorative. You can unlock the different themes by watching ads. Oh and there’s a Batman and a Spiderman one. We loved those.

4. Spinny Fidget

Imagine a fidget spinner that is also a game to test your skills. Welcome to Spinny Fidget. Spin the toy and match the falling ball color with the color on the fidget. It will get you super entertained. We had fun while we spinned :)


5. Fidget Spinner Tricks

Let's get physical! Did you know there are many tricks you can do with your spinner besides the simple spin? oh yeah. Like throwing it from one hand to the other without stoping the spin. Or from one finger to the next. Learn them all. Impress the little kids.


6. Color switch

You have played color switch right? Yes, the one where the ball only passes a path of the same color. This super cool game now has a new fidget spinner mode. And everyone is getting supeeer addicted. It's a good opportunity to start playing color switch again.

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