On driving games, speed is not everything, and sometimes knowing how to use your vehicle is the most important thing on the road to success. As the fans of the PlayStation and Xbox version of our Game of the Week will know, Trials Frontier is clearly a game on which getting the right moves on your bike is the cornerstone to becoming a winner.


But, how do you get the mobile version of Trials right? Well, the developers, RedLynx, came with a great idea: bikers have a story to follow! And it has all the components that mobile players wish for. You will interact with funny and interesting characters in a cartoony visual style in order to explore a map (who does not like a map on their game?) while challenging a rival biker

The controls in Trials Frontier are, as expected, for the mobile version of a console game: simpler, but at the same time more efficient. Accelerate, push front and push back. What I like the most is that the main goal of you races is not the usual “gain some milliseconds” since in this occasion a young kiddo will set challenges for you such as “do a number of backward flips” or “spend a certain amount of time in the air”. This game is not as demanding as the Trials console version but it’s a great entertaining title on which progress is quick, the story is interesting and, of course, fun is guaranteed!

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