The time has arrived and it had a few of us waiting for it! Dream League Soccer 2017 is finally here! After giving it a go and realising how much has been improved, there's no way around it: it definitely deserves to be our Game of the Week.

This game is again the king of customization especially because, besides creating your own team, you can also change your team’s kit and boots colors, the logo and even customize your stadium. The duration of fixtures can also be customized so you can enjoy games of up to 10 minutes, which is something that not even FIFA games can compete with (the comparison is inevitable).


The most important part: the actual action in the field has improved a lot. The company declares they have added 200+ animations and we can confirm that the running one feels more natural, and so does the friction of the ball on the ground. You can enjoy several camera modes and auto replay options which makes your soccer experience much more real. In addition, the on-screen controls are very intuitive and they are big enough to make it easy to press and not miss that goal!

Another point worthy of mentioning is that it works offline (except when playing the online league or accessing the coins market), which makes it the perfect option to kill time without using all your data! #iknowright?

The downside of this game is that the company failed to get a licence for German players so you will not see Neuer or Robben on the field this time, but this was also the de case for Dream League Soccer 2016, so we are kind of used to it.

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