Your wait is over! Here is a wrap-up of our top games of March! This month we've come across many exciting games, and we cannot wait to share!

From the return of the iconic Street Fighter to a merge-style adventure in a nice little village to strategy games that will lead you straight to battle. Discover everything below!

Find Fantasy XV: Wars of Eos

The Final Fantasy saga is back in our lives, and this time it comes to the Android gaming world filled with strategy and action. Although the storyline focuses on an alternate story around Insomnia, we still find our favorite characters here. You have the chance to create a kingdom from scratch and travel to other realms to collect even more resources. War will be guaranteed!

Merge County

Merge County might be the best we’ve seen in the merge genre. The storyline is as cute as we could expect. Our main character is back in her childhood home, and it seems nothing has changed much. That’s why she decides to help the community enter the 21st century with a whole set of new pieces of furniture, decorations, and many more items. You’ll be able to create new materials by merging them and taking them to the next level!

Street Fighter: Duel

Street Fighter is back in our lives, and we could not be more excited! This new version of the old times popular game comes with the perfect combination of many genres: light strategy, cards, RPG, and even clicker! Do we need more reasons to crown Street Fighter Duel as one of the best games of March?

Idle Angels

The Android gaming world can sometimes be tough but this time you’ll have angels by your side! Idle Angels is an idle role-playing game full of detailed animations and the perfect level of complexity. You'll fight multiple waves of enemies (including monsters) with the aid of some extravagant and beautiful characters.

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