Aptoide client for Android is the main Aptoide App and probably the face of Aptoide that you use and know better.
As any other Android App, Aptoide needs to ask the operating system for specific permissions.
Aptoide team has always been very conservative to ask only for the permissions that are strictly needed.

Often, users ask us why we request certain Android permissions.
In this post we explain the Android permissions requested by Aptoide:


Internet access is needed to make downloads.


These two permissions are required to check network state in order to inform the user of connection problems. When an Aptoide message appears saying that you don't have network, the detection is done using this permissions.


We use SDCard as cache for Images and APK. It makes faster to use Aptoide and saves you bandwidth.


These are needed to create shortcuts in launcher, which make Aptoide more accessible.


This set of permissions are needed for integration with Android's Authentication system. The authentication system is used if you want to login in Aptoide using Google accounts.


These are used for synced operations e.g. timeline notifications and  automatic app updates.


As Login is not required in Aptoide, we use this permission for anonymous device identification purposes and to differentiate between devices when sending asynchronous messages.


This permission will soon disapear. This was used by the Advertising SDKs from partners (Mopub, Mobfox,...) for serving banners. As Aptoide is free-banner App since April, 1st, we don't need it anymore.


Application logs sent in Feedback feature.


If your phone is rooted, with this permission and if you consent,  we jump the Android dialogs and install directly the Apps updates. Useful for automatic apps updates. If you have 20 updates, you just have to click "Install" once  and not 20 times.Do you need more information? Aptoide client is Open Source (GNU GPLv2) so you can check the source code yourself and verify the use of permissions.
Do you know any other App Store as open and transparent?

Enjoy Aptoide!