There is one thing that we could never have enough of: zombies. We even wrote about Zombie Safari a few weeks ago, which is AMAZING. However, this time the task is not a walk in the park (pun intended) because in Zombie Gunship Survival you will have to provide support to the last apocalypse survivor from the air, and such a responsibility deserves to be appointed Game of the Week!

This game is a combination of zombie shooting and base building - and base protection actually. One of the best things about Zombie Gunship Survival is the wide range of weapons available: cannons, gunship snipers and even missiles and rockets. You will have to upgrade these using metal and screws that you gained by completing missions, and that’s exactly when this game gets tactical. You will need to be equipped with a different type of weapon in each mission depending on the type of zombies you will encounter, since some of them are pretty big titans or even hellhounds!

Shooting from the sky is a pretty cool thing to do since it lets you focus on aiming, choose your weapon wisely and prioritising your attacks on one horde or the other. If you are one of those zombie fans that need them to be quite aggressive to understand why the apocalypse happened (I never understood how they got to that point in The Walking Dead with zombies that were basically having a nap) this is your game. Their moves and attacks feel like a real threat, so do not disappoint your mate and protect him from the air!

Download Zombie Gunship Survival in Aptoide now!