Strap on a rectangular headset, and you can dive into a fascinating universe of sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean or climb to the top of Everest. This is all possible through virtual reality.

It’s expected that virtual reality will have its first billion dollar year in 2016. Breakthrough technologies are continuously growing, but where will this new reality lead us to? What is the future for virtual reality? Well, it looks exciting that’s for certain.

The Need For Content

VR devices, whether AIO all-in-one (full feature) or cardboard (mobile), have raised a high-demand for curated content, which led Aptoide to create the Aptoide VR Store, our Android App Store solution for VR devices and available on the Aptoide market to any end user. Comprised of more than 200 curated apps and games cherry-picked to enhance consumers’ VR experience, this is sure to make heads turn.

Statistics about VR: 2016 VR consumer report by Greenlight VR

As impressive as the technology already is, and as any recent topic of interest, consumers are still testing and rating different content from several sources, though several studies recently show that chances of purchasing increase when it’s from a brand that uses VR than from one that does not. Manufacturers and distributors worldwide have found a new investment niche, a way to differentiate themselves from competitors not only in hardware, but also in software content.

And since new times imply new solutions, specially when it comes to all-in-one headsets that will probably have higher usage rate with games consoles or computers, Aptoide has developed a solution, that can be pre-installed in any device. The Aptoide VR Store will allow our Partners in the Partners Program to manage and customise their own store, as any App Store provided by Aptoide - that being one of our main advantages in the App Store providers’ market.

Let Us Take You Into The VR Mesmerising World

Bottom line, as we may look at VR as an immersive experience in which your movements are tracked and reflected in a three-dimensional world, probably you can’t think of a better way to watch a movie or play a specific game. That’s the main reason why this experimentation year has been going so well worldwide and why marketing campaigns from mobile companies are fiercely distributing cardboard devices to attract consumers, hungry to test new gadgets.

Are you eager to test our VR solution as well?

You may do so this week at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Come meet us at stand D21 at Hall 3C and learn more about this and other Aptoide solutions. We're pleased to show you how you can generate your own App Store for VR, Mobile or TV, within a couple of days and with immediate results.

Get in touch with Sara Ferrão Cardoso, who will be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair with the Aptoide VR solution in hand, ready to take you on a ride to the future.