As a community-based app store with over 250 million users, 10 billion downloads, 1 million apps and games available, and 10,000 new apps submitted every day, it can be hard to track down every single malware that gets uploaded. That said, Aptoide’s Research and Development (R&D) team work hard to improve and make the app store safe for our users.

What does the R&D do, exactly?

The R&D team researches the technological spots within the company and products that can be improved. Currently, they focus on cybersecurity and content distribution/discovery.

What does the R&D team do to make Aptoide safer?

Across all the areas mentioned above, the R&D team have recently been working on the following:

  • An artificial intelligence technology (a kind of algorithm) that automatically understands threat patterns based on apps characteristics and behavior, and creates filtering rules for new malware patterns. This figures out which new threats to look out for and block!
  • A vulnerabilities feedback tool that allows the app store to inform developers about their apps security vulnerabilities and how to fix them to keep their users safe. Keeping our apps without security vulnerabilities is the best way to avoid malware success!
  • A collaborative blockchain-based reputation system, shared among several app stores, that allows to understand which app developers to be aware and which we can trust. This helps catch threats submitted by bad intentioned developers swiftly!

These are some of the biggest projects the team has been focusing on in order to help make Aptoide the best and safest community-driven Android marketplace out there.

The more data they collect, the better chances they have to track, assess and tackle the malware and improve security. Because let’s face it, knowledge is power!