Tons of new social apps appear every year and trying to keep up with it next to impossible. Besides, what do these new apps offer that previous ones didn't?

No worries, that's exactly why we're here. We've tested a lot of new social apps that we've been discovering, and here's our list of Top 10 Must Have (New) Social Apps.

So, yeah, you won't find anything like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp on this list. You will instead find some really new concepts. Also, feel free to comment on this post if you happen to know any new social app that you love, but somehow we've missed (don't forget to include a link to download it from your Aptoide store!).

And so , here it is, the Top 10 Must Have Social Apps!

![]( ####1. [Yik Yak](

Yik Yak it's a bit like a dream come true. Imagine you can stand in a public space with lots of people, and there's an anonymous local chat room that allows you to speak with people around you by sending anonymous "yaks". This is exactly that! They call it a location-based social network. It's already hugely popular in certain college campi in the US!

![]( ####2. [Kik](

Many people refer to Kik as a companion app to Yik Yak (actually when you search for Yik Yak in Aptoide you'll also find Kik). Apparently it's common ocorrence for Yik Yak users to ask for Kik for further conversation. So, if you'll be using Yik Yak, you should also definitely get Kik.

![]( ####3. [Roger](

Roger has recently risen as a WhatsApp/WeChat alternative. The focus being on a more recurrent and impulsive use of walkie-talkie style for messaging. You can even setup your own profile with a greeting voice message. Seems like a solid concept!

![]( ####4. [Yubl](

Yubl is a new kid on the block. It's a UK startup, that seems to be a combination of WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. It's still early to tell, but given that Instagram has recently copied some of Snapchat's main features with Instagram Stories, this is a formula that may actually catch on. This is one of those opportunities to be part of a social network site in its infancy!

![]( ####5. [Venmo](

Venmo is a very interesting new development in terms of "Social Payment" apps. Have you ever sat in a restaurant with a group of co-workers where you had to split the bill, and you wondered if you could just divide it and pay it automatically? Yeah, it exists, that's precisely what Venmo does. It makes it really easy to receive and pay stuff. As a plus, it is currently part of Paypal - which adds credibility to it's money management system.

![]( ####6. [Timehop](

Timehop is all about looking into the past. Most specifically your own social media past - what were you posting this day a year ago? what about two years ago? three? That's what Timehop does, it allows you to "celebrate the best moments of [your] past". It also explains why they use a dinosaur in their logo - I like it! :)

![]( ####7. [Tango](

Tango is the ultimate video chat app - it's a highly flexible version of WhatsApp, that also has a PC version alongside the Android one - and it has the advantage of not being associated with a phone number (in a similar way to Kik).

![]( ####8. [Telegram](

Telegram is the standard messaging app in countries where Facebook is not ubiquitous such as Russia. Its main focus is privacy and secrecy - allowing users to setup secret chats and even self-destructing messages. If you're messaging with people from all over the world, sooner or later someone will ask for your Telegram contact!

![]( ####9. [FireChat](

FireChat is an interesting concept. It allows users to connect locally via Wifi and establish their own social network. The more people use FireChat in an area, the better it is - to the point of some people calling it an "Alternative Internet" app. It's basically like a social network that works by joining smartphones together. Impressive!

![]( ####10. [Quora](

Quora has been around for a while, but it has been growing steadly for the past few years, and has recently reached the 80 unique monthly visitors mark! This is basically a Questions and Answers platform, with many interesting social features - instead of being centered on the questions and answers, it is focused on building reputations for users - so users themselves gain huge followings just by providing insightful answers. They have even recently added the Knowledge Prize feature, which allows you to win a money prize for a good answer on specific questions. It's app allows you to access all this content on the go - allowing you to integrate your experience with many different social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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