The new Android OS Nougat 7.0 is out now, and so is 7.1.2. For some, there are even Nougat 7.1 and 7.2.1 updates out right now. Sweet, right? Yes, and also crunchy as hell. Nougat is all about functionality, improved features, new visual features and exciting background stuff. There’s a lot going on beyond what you see on the surface. Of course, if you have a top of the line smartphone you already know that pretty well. But the rest of us mortals are still anxiously waiting. Nougat was first released last August for some devices and followed by an update (7.1) in October with the launch of Google Pixel. This OS prepares the future of Android, adding little tweaks that overall will make your phone faster and more efficient. We want candy!


Nougat 7.0 tasty features:

Quick replies

Going to an app to reply is for the old, now everything gets quickly replied in the notifications. You can reply to messages, see other replies and carry on without ever leaving the app you were already in. Super!

+ battery

Your battery life will expand between 10% and 25%. If, of course, you can keep you’re hands off your phone for 5 minutes.

Multitasking, babes.

Being in two apps at the same time? Yes! Nougat has a side-by-side app multitasking. Holding the overview button on the right side of the nav bar when in an app allows you to choose another to place next to or above it. It’s great.

Switch it

Almost better than multitasking – double tap the overview button to jump to the last used app. Switching from one app to the other will be so much faster.

More emoji

Can you believe that 72 new emoji have joined the 🎂 🎉 , bringing the total to over 1,500 👏🏼 . You'll never be without a 👻  to express your emotions. yay 😎

Editing settings fast

Quick settings are better than ever with Nougat. Now you get a top line of settings without opening the rest. That line contains the first five of the full quick settings panel that can now be edited.

System UI tuner

Choosing the icons on the status bar like the do not disturb or the swipe-up for split screen is a reality. A menu right at the bottom of the main settings list called “System UI Tuner” is there for you.

More control

Inside the System UI tuner menu there’s a setting called power notification control. There you can have even more control over notifications. There are various levels of notification access. For example, you can prevent notifications from showing when an app is full screen but still get a sound or vibration notification.

Data (life) Saver

Help for the broke of us has come. A setting hidden under Data usage stops apps from sending or receiving data when in the background. It also limits an app’s data usage when actively used.

You can set a whitelist to allow free data access for certain apps, and there’s a quick toggle available too.

More Sizes

Finally, you can adjust how big everything is. The Display size setting allows you to magnify everything, reformatting the screen. The Font size setting will only affect the text.

Cat loving

Nougat comes with a built-in cat collecting game. It’s an easter egg mini-game like Neko Atsume. To get it go to About and tap on the Android version number three times to bring up an N logo. Then tap the N logo a couple of times.

Have you got Nougat already?

Some of us caaaan't wait!