Dear Aptoiders,

As many of you know, Aptoide over the last few months has been providing you with even more promotions (through the AppCoins Wallet), offering you an extra percentage on top of your already existing bonuses. The feedback is in, and we’re happy that you all have been taking full advantage of these massive benefits. We hear you, and we’re ready to provide you with even more!

In order to make these big promotions possible, our bonus table will change slightly. We'll have a minor decrease in the bonus percentage earned per level in the wallet. However, we will be offering an ongoing promotion for your favorite games that will offset this decrease, giving you the same (or more) bonus than you had before! Read on to find out how.

What does this mean?

Users currently earning 25%: Your level bonus will move to 20%, however with this ongoing 5% promotion, you will end up with the same bonus percentage as before.

Users currently earning less than 25%: You will benefit even more from this change! While your level bonus may decrease, the ongoing promotion will give you an even higher percentage overall. For example, if you were previously earning a 13% bonus, the level shift will bring you down to 12%. However, with the ongoing 5% promotion, you will move up to an impressive 17%!  

It’s important to remember that promotions are a separate transaction, so in order to benefit from this ongoing extra bonus, you must buy items directly from applicable games. Topping up your wallet will not allow you to take advantage of this ongoing promotion.

So what is the current maximum bonus?

For our top games the maximum bonus will continue at 25% (20% level bonus + 5% promotion bonus), however for some lucky gamers, we will be offering an even higher promotion! Either way, you’ll benefit!

This will be a continuous and ever-evolving project. Our team is always looking to improve the platform, transactions, and to give our community the best possible benefits. Please check out our social media (Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) for the latest games and promotions. If you have any doubts, please contact us through in-app support.

Happy New Year!