Run, Sausage Run! can only be described as a sadistic endless runner where your main goal is to help a horribly terrified sausage get across a series of life-threatening killer obstacles... No wonder this game is such a major success!

Your first act will be to choose which delicious looking sausage should first experience the path through the lethal blades of pain. From a yummy weisswurst or blutwurst to a plumber or cowboy, to a bacon or chocolate covered sausage, there are plenty of juicy looking sausages to choose from!

Afterwards, start running for your life...literally. Avoid a series of slicing knives, searing grills, dangerous blades, and all of the other many kooky contraptions that could seriously hurt your beloved sausage.

Run, Sausage Run! includes fun, colorful graphics and a repetitive soundtrack that will somehow give you the strength to carry on, even after your flexible sausage has been burned, scorched, sliced, chopped and smashed...amongst other things.

The gameplay is fairly simple: tap to flex that hot body and run faster, or release tap to stand and slow down. While on the run, don't forget to collect coins to buy new sausage skins and powerups! Your weisswurst will definitely need those!

Although this game can be a little repetitive it has a humorous side to it that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are into bloody sausage meat decapitations!