If you know what RCT stands for, it means you spend big time enjoying the thrill of rollercoasters and the challenges of managing a whole theme park. So this week, you can sit down, buckle up and get ready for Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch, the mobile version of the game that made our childhood!


The first thing we noticed right away was that it mimics the essence of the desktop version: same graphics, same type of rides and almost the same fun! The balance between the degree of control the user has on little details and the usability of the game is greatly achieved. We cannot control the saltiness of the chips though (we all have used this technique to increase the sells of drinks, am I right?), but in exchange we get a more simple set of tools that make this game a great option to enjoy the RCT experience without getting lost in menus and sub-menus.


The park management is simplified and very intuitive too, since there are missions to complete according to customer satisfaction, park value and money earned. In order to build rides, decorations or shops, there is a cards system which allows the user to make their park grow according to the cards earned by achieving goals. This, on the one hand, helps your park to grow in a logical way (we all tried to have a steel rollercoaster as first ride, I know...), but it can also be a bit boring for those impatient ones who are not fully satisfied with “just a carousel”. Not everyone knows how to handle waiting times, so there is a brand new option for social media integration for users to share their parks while waiting.

But let’s get to the main dish: rollercoaster designing. BOOM! Most RCT fans would agree that it is impossible to design a rollercoaster without a mouse and a big screen, or at least to do it comfortably. But making slopes, turns and those impossible twists that park visitors are seeking for can be very easy to do with just the tip of your finger and the appropriate zoom.

In short, although this mobile version of RCT cannot compete with the level of detail of its desktop version, it is an incredibly entertaining option for theme park fans that keeps the essence of its older web-based brother. Give a try, you won't regret it.

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