Back in the days, when social media was for the young, wild and free, and status update was all we had to do to let our virtual friends know all about our day. A few words, original or borrowed, maybe a song and some punctuation were enough for us to let the world (or a special someone) know what we were up to.

Modern living has us sharing more and more of our life online and new, cutting edge social media platforms want to know all the juicy details about our daily routines. Enter: Stories.


Snapchat was the first that introduced video sharing of our reality and was shamelessly copied by Instagram which was then copied by Facebook. Some kind of weird online inception...
In the meantime, life goes on, work and studies are challenging, delicious meals are comforting, travelling and art are inspiring and of course, funny little things are happening.

We’ve got the feels and we’ve got the stories but how can we know exactly WHAT to post WHERE? What works best on Instagram, how my stories are gonna look like on Facebook and who will see them on Snapchat?
Confused? We thought you might be.

That’s why we’ve put together an inclusive all-you-can-post content guide to help you share your Stories like a pro on social media.



Facebook is the oldest and the most formal social platform and it has to be handled with special care cause it’s where you’re most likely connected to your parents and your parent's friends, your colleagues, your high school sweetheart who’s now happily married and of course your real life friends.
And thus it is a great place for sharing important life updates, opinions on news and politics and skills that you’ve been mastering.

Opt for a Facebook Messenger story if you:

  1. Have exciting life news to share (engagement, promotion, relocation)
  2. Have something to say about world news or politics
  3. Would like to quote or review a book
  4. Are learning a new language, running a marathon or went skydiving
  5. Attending a conference or a team retreat at work



Instagram is the place to let your creativity shine, show off your photography skills and bring the stuff you love and enjoy in the spotlight. Aesthetics is the key for Instagram posts and uniqueness is necessary as Instagram is the most competitive visual platform of them all.

Instagram stories are the best for:

  1. Friendly, cozy situations eg drinking delicious coffee at that new place with the beautiful interior
  2. Food stuff
  3. Reporting live from an art gallery visit
  4. Sharing your traveling adventure
  5. Behind the scenes at work or school
  6. Letting people know how cute your cat/dog is


Snapchat, the birthmother of social media stories, is where you can actually share live updates of your everyday life with your real life friends and cool friends of friends.


Your Snapchat stories can be as real and as spontaneous as it gets and they may include:

  1. That really nice selfie you took this morning
  2. Moments from a night out
  3. Walking to work, school, just walking
  4. Moments from your workout routine
  5. Filters, filters, filters!
  6. Funny situations

We hope this guide’s got you covered now and has made social media sharing a little more clear.

Now go on, share your stories and shine like a star!