It seems Instagram has been quite busy lately and has ended 2017 with a couple of new features that are bound to help expand all users horizons!

It's no news that in the beginning of December, Instagram included the possibility for users to follow hashtags, hence allowing them to see beyond their own social graphs. This comes as pretty good news since now, you no longer have to go to the Explore tab to find out all about the latest news on your favorite topics such as #Aptoide and #LovedbyAptoide.

Now, you can simply click on any of the many hashtags that you are most interested in, select "Follow", and you'll be able to catch up on all posts and stories related to that hashtag in no time! That's right, no more missing out on your love for #dogs, #instagood pics or the latest drooling #foodporn photographs!


The other most recent feature that is now available for all Instagram social network users, has recently gone live and it is certainly generating mixed opinions and a whole lot of buzz!

According to a report from TechCrunch Instagram has a whole new "Recommended section" where you'll be able to see suggested posts, based on posts that have already been liked by the people you currently follow.


But don't worry, according to TechCrunch, the new section of recommended posts will be correctly labeled so as not to be mistaken with your home feed and, in addition to that, it will only contain 3 to 5 suggested posts.


So, in short, from now on users will be able to see many more posts than the ones from their currently followed accounts - whether they like it or not, since, unlike the previous update, where you actually have the option to follow hashtags, you won't really be able to disable this brand new feature.

The good news is that according to a comment made by the social network's spokesperson to TechCrunch, the recommended posts will only appear once you've seen all posts from the accounts you actually follow.