It's been more than a year since came out. In the meantime, we must have wasted hundreds of hours of our life slithering around, trying to eat our way to the top. Anyone can download the game and start playing. The rules of the game become evident after a few seconds. You run into another player, you die, and they get to feed on your remains (yikes!). If a player runs into you the opposite happens, and you get to feast on their glowing dots and you grow a bit. Any player, anytime, can defeat the biggest worm in the game. It's a bit like a cross between the old skool Nokia Snake and an MMO, but it's all about pure skill.

![](/content/images/2017/06/giphy-5.gif) became a trending game really fast. Initially seen as a clone of games such as, managed to quickly become much more popular thanks to YouTubers like PewDiePie which made videos about it.

As of today, is still one of the top games ever made for Android, being the fifth top download at Aptoide during 2016. Its success can be explained by the low barriers to entry: it runs on every Android device and it's super easy to learn to play. Anyone can play it. Also, it's super addictive. Not every casual game can keep you hooked for hours on end ("just one more game"). All you need to win is steering your worm in the right direction.


In case you haven't yet played (wuut? 😱 You've been under a rock or something?) it's time to fix that. Even if you have, are you up for just one more game?

Slither you Life Away NOW!