If you are one of those (sometimes annoying) people that can spend hours throwing a bottle into the air and catching it after a couple of spins, this week you will love our Game of the Week since Flippy Knife is basically a bottle throwing game… with a knife!


Before talking about this great title we should make a warning: do not try to play this in real life! Please keep the game to your phone, it’s way safer. Flippy Knife can seem like a very limited game: there are no characters or maps and you will not get lost in the menus. You basically have to throw a knife to complete different tasks. The Combo mode consists in throwing the knife into the air and getting it to land in the wood underneath it, like a fairground attraction! The Target one is the most challenging: try to hit a moving target with your knife, while in the Climb mode you need to flick the knife at a wall to get your way up between two walls until you get a treasure chest.


When completing all these modes you'll earn coins that you can use to get different types of knives (and axes!) which actually adds to the ongoing challenge component to this title. Although it can get slightly repetitive after a while, Flippy Knife is an incredibly satisfying game, so do not wait any longer and get your hands on it!

###[Download Flippy Knife in Aptoide now!](https://flippy-knife.en.aptoide.com/?store_name=apps&utm_source=blog&utm_medium=social&utm_content=flippy-knive&utm_campaign=post)