Would you like to be an ambitious wizard in an attempt of conquering the world? Enjoy jaw-dropping graphics and endless character skills? This is your lucky week then, since the ultimate RPG game, Fantasy War Tactics R, is our Game of the Week!

Fantasy War Tactics R is reminiscent of the classic and similarly titled Final Fantasy Tactics, but the two games are not related. We can assume however that Final Fantasy Tactics is the main inspiration of it, since the similarities go well beyond the name. This is a tactical JRPG in the same tradition, and equally addictive (but no Cloud or Sephiroth).

The latest update of this role-playing game brings us tons of new heroes, equipment, and scenarios. You will also be able to be part of daily events, like quests, in order to receive rewards and Hero Awakening Tickets. Dragon Thanatos, Escort Ildo, Vermilion Bird Hongyeom and their exclusive equipment are waiting for you to use them and explore the Sia Continent. Wanna join them?

![](/content/images/2017/05/giphy-1.gif) *"Tactics"*

You will take the role of the Lord but will also recruit several heroes to join your party for your cause. The playing is as simple os always with a turn-based system and funny animations that makes each one of your hits more amazing than the previous one. In addition, the storyline is easy to follow and as addictive as you can expect from one of the best RPG games!

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