Aptoide users, hold onto your seats because we have a fresh new feature for you!

Aptoide has always thrived on being a community focused app store, with the intent of creating a better and richer environment for all of the parties involved. Following these values, we have created a feature that allows anyone who uses our app store to give back to the community.

Is there a game that you can’t live without? That one app that you check every single day? We have recently developed a way for you to help the creators of your favorite apps and games, by adding a donation button. This way you can easily support your favorite developer!

Since most of our developers offer content for free, this is our way of rewarding the effort and time they spend on delivering the best user experience to us. It is also a contribution to help them take their apps to the next level! You are free to donate as much as you want - starting from 0.1 APPC, the sky is the limit!

How Can I Do It?

1.First, if you haven't yet, download the latest version of the AppCoins BDS Wallet to your mobile phone.


2.Inside Aptoide App Store, go to the bundle called “Spend Your AppCoins” - there you will see which apps, and respective developers, have already implemented this new feature.


3.After selecting your favorite app, there are two ways in which you can donate. The first option is to select the donations button that will appear as soon as you download the app. The second, as you can see from the image below, is to scroll down the app view until you find the Top Donations section.


4.Click donate and then you will have the option to choose the name or nickname you want to give to your donation, as well as the amount.


As soon as you donate, the donation will be displayed in the Top Donations section*, as you can see in the image below. Hint, some users prefer to be anonymous, hence why there is the name Mysterious donor.


You are all set! With these fast and easy steps, you have contributed to your favorite developer. We thank all of Aptoide developers, for working on bringing new content to our store and providing the best experience to our users. We would also like to thank you for being a supporter of the community and for helping creators stay on top of their game!

*Unless all the already performed donations are higher than yours.

Disclaimer: This feature is only available in the latest version of Aptoide