Take note, people: The future is in code. You know, everything now is a screen, a computer or a device and eventually, we will need to know how to program them as well as use them. And not only to get a new or better job. If you are a blogger, a business owner, a designer or even a scientist and you know how to code, more power to you.  Or even if you're just super into games, you could imagine and code your own. It’s kind of like knowing the basics in Photoshop, everyone at some point needs that. Believe us, it will come really handy to know HTML or JavaScript. So, let’s learn! You too girls, there are still so few women in coding. The future is also female. Here are 5 apps to help you do it. Oh and remember, the best coders in the world taught themselves how to do it. Who knows... you might be the next one.



SoloLearn is a super dynamic, interactive and a great way to learn the basics. It follows a lesson plan, complete with quizzes and checkpoints. You’ll get a score after completing each section, which is designed to motivate you to redo sections in which you didn’t get a perfect score. There’s even an online ranking where users post their scores, adding a bit of competition to the mix. Challenged?


Udacity is like a mobile university. Really, it has nano degrees that start at a certain time but can be finished as quickly or slowly as you want. This is a more serious app, it offers feedback from professionals. Legit ones. You can even get a verified certificate - you’ll have to pay, obvs- but it can open the prospect of a job at tech companies. Also, there are connections between students, creating a sense of community and networking.


It may seem kind of basic at first, but Encode provides a complete look at coding. One of the great things about it is that it starts from the very beginning, offering concepts in bite-sized chunks. Only after the basic, more advanced concepts, such as JavaScript, are introduced. The lessons are also interactive with feedback after each lesson, ensuring you grasped the concepts. No one is left behind!

Programming Hub

One place to learn all the top programming languages? Goodie. Programming hub is an easy way for anyone to learn while on the go, since the content can be downloaded. Here you can study code with lots of programs from precise and complete references. It also has a repository with +1000 optimized code for you to copy and use. We give it extra points for the simple and intuitive design.


Enki is an app with 5-minute “workouts” for beginners to learn important concepts about code in their spare time. And also for programmers to improve their dev skills in different languages. It’s quick and easy. Each workout gives you the best tricks and tips.You can practice, ask questions and play mini games. We liked Enki.

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