If you already threw all your birds to get the pigs out of your way, it’s time for you to destroy A CASTLE! Our Game of the week this time is a more simple version of the well-known Clash Royale that keeps the fun at great levels, so welcome to Castle Crush week!


Castle Crush is a card-based game with a 3 lanes battle system. This means that you’ll have to drag cards in one of the three lanes that get to your enemies castle, and the main goal is to defeat your enemy’s soldiers to make your way to victory! You will have to set a good strategy, though, because there are a lot of types of cards, like power-up and re-arrange so you will be able to create the best set of warriors. In addition, you'll be able to unlock more players while you play and these will bring new powerful skills to your team!


In summary, even though Castle Crush can be considered the simplified version of Clash Royale, it is still a great and entertainment option for card-based game lovers. Time to assemble your warriors to storm the castle!

###[Download Castle Crush in Aptoide now!](https://castle-crush.en.aptoide.com/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=social&utm_content=castlecrush&utm_campaign=post)