A new era has started for smartphones around the world. Forecasts predict that 2016 will be the year where “the double-digit growth era for the global smartphone market has come to an end” (Ranjit Atwal on Gartner forecast). It’s now up to companies and entrepreneurs to find new solutions, better adapted and suited to consumers needs.
Smartphones have invaded our society in the last decade, developing new patterns regarding technology usability and needs. As the market continued to grow, manufacturers over the globe invested in constant development, that could represent extra value to consumers. These new “prosumers” have defined by themselves a new market and new products that could cope with their over-the-top real-time expectations.

As the market share for companies developing smartphones becomes more crowded, OEMs and manufacturers are defining new challenging strategies that can make a difference. Customisation, optimisation, app behaviour and even branding itself represent improvements that can easily be incorporated into new products.

However, and although it's expected that this growth will face a slower pace, smartphone ownership rates in emerging and developing nations are still rising at an extraordinary rate. U.S. and Canada together still represent the strongest continent, but Latin America countries are flourishing quickly. African Nigeria and South Africa are also growing fast, and Southeast Asia and the giant China continues to evolve to become the leading market - it is expected that by 2018, a quarter of all smartphone users in the world will be located in China.

Aptoide, the 3rd largest App Store, runs on Android - the operating system that represents 80 percent of all smartphones sales around the world. This is the same operating system that allows us to adapt our solution to OEMs and manufacturers needs, providing a B2B solution for smartphones and tablets that can be customised to meet different goals.

Take this into consideration:

  • .Your own marketplace
  • .Access top Android content
  • .Competitive revenue share model
  • .Totally manageable through a self-care platform

And now for the best part: it's free.
Our software with your brand and look & feel, helping you improve your sales and market share substantially and providing your users a suitable user experience, with no investment needed.

Still believe you can make a difference in this market? By the end of April 2016 an enhanced version will be launched - get in touch with our Partners team and get to know how to enter the app business market with a Top proposal.