To say Asia is an interesting market for the mobile app industry is, at this point, an understatement. No matter how you look at it, Asia leads the pack in virtually every metric that matters. According to App Annie, 2 of the top 3 countries with the most downloads last year are in Asia. Same goes for amount of revenue.

Speaking of revenue, it becomes clear pretty quick just how valuable the Asian market truly is: Asia is the region where users spend the most money on apps (40% more than the global average), the region where the average purchase is higher, and the region with the highest share of paying users, per AppsFlyer data.

We could go on, but the point is, there are literally millions of users in Asia just itching to download, and spend money on, quality Android Apps. The question then becomes: How to reach them?

Enter Aptoide. The largest independent Android app store in the world with an innovative and unique take on App Discovery, Aptoide has over 150 million users worldwide and has witnessed first hand the incredible growth of the region, finishing 2016 with almost 3x as many users in Asia as the beginning of the year.

Which is why we’ll be in Thailand and Singapore this month, keeping busy in Echelon Thailand, Tech In Asia and Casual Connect Asia.

We’ll be sponsoring all three events, including Casual Connect where our very own Tiago Costa Alves, VP Asia Pacific, will take the stage on an interesting lecture on the state and opportunities of Mobile Apps and Games Monetization, as well as a cool booth where we’ll be showcasing the tools that make Aptoide the perfect distribution and monetization channel for app developers, partners, and anyone looking to have their own Android App Store.

But don’t take our word for it. If you're in Asia (where else would you be?) Stop by our booths and learn more about we can grow together!