As devices become more sophisticated it’s easy to start running low on space. There’s an app for everything today and even small, everyday activities - from taking photos, to checking Facebook, or even just browsing a few web pages - all adds up and counts against your storage.

A study of 2,000 people revealed that using mobiles to make calls wasn’t even on the top 10 list of daily smartphone uses - proving that devices are driven by apps. But which app type is the most popular? If you guessed games then you guessed right. Games are the most downloaded app type across all devices and all operating systems. They are also the heaviest because they’re feature-rich and have high-res graphics. These large app bundles are needed to accommodate various SDKs and code, to deliver you a high-quality experience. But gaming apps have quickly increased in terms of size, and with each download, the remaining storage on your device starts shrinking.

The average android app size is 15MB, so what’s the typical storage size of an Android device? Well, that depends on the device itself, but androids can go up to 32GB. Aside from the inbuilt storage, Android devices can also accommodate external data via SD cards. These can go up to 64GB, so these are great space-savers, but moving apps and files over to these external cards can be annoying and inconvenient. Also, when you have a low-end device you not only need to space, you also need to save RAM memory, especially when you have too many apps running in the background or processor intensive games. Additionally many of these apps are very large, and each update consumes data from your data plan, and may take a long time to finish.

Got a low end-device or slow internet connection? You don’t need to stop using your phone. To save space and bandwitdth while boosting the performance, just download Aptoide Lite. All the same features and games are available via the app, but faster!

Quick wins with Aptoide Lite:

  1. It’s only a tiny 2MB!
  • It’s five times faster than Aptoide vanilla - quoted as being the fastest store in the world!
  • Developed and optimized for low broadband speeds and also for older Android models.
  • Uses 73% less bandwidth than the regular Aptoide Store app.
  • Exclusive to Aptoide and not available on the Google Play Store.
  • No account or user registration required.
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Full access to all the regular Aptoide features, Android games, and Android apps, including other apps from developers who aren’t featured on Google Play
  • Works on ALL Android devices!
  • Best of all: It's free!
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