It is not news that Android dominates the mobile OS, accounting for 82.8% of the market share at the end of 2015. Due to its UX improvements over the last 6 years and being an Open Source System with a simple and free-accessed API; it allowed for 3rd party App Stores to emerge.

Reaching out to users where the Google Play store is not accessible is part of the game, although there is much more to what 3rd party App Stores can offer to set themselves apart, such as curated app lists; app promotions; app recommendations; localized portals and white label stores. That's where you enter Aptoide.

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The fact that Android is Open Source and flexible to work with has opened doors to expand it’s services to other devices other than the usual smartphones and tablets. TV Set-top-boxes and SmartTVs for instance. Enter AptoideTV.

With App Stores integrated into these devices, end-users now can have access to popular Android games or watch TV shows & movies just with an internet connection. The content that was only accessible through your smartphone or tablet, such as social networking, games, and video streaming, is now available in your wide-screen on a user-friendly platform that you’re familiar with.

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The Android TV market is still not yet very well defined, therefore the Android App Stores for are still figuring out what will be their part in its business model. However, you can already find the software in 3 different ways:

  • SmartTVs with Android OS - models from Philips, Sony, Skyworth, Konka, will be starting to be shipped out;
  • Streaming media players & STBs - Nexus player, Geniatech, Emtec and many other brands have boxes out in the market;
  • Pay-for-tv Operators STBs - Telecom Operators offering new and replacing boxes that run Android to keep up with the Video streaming App business.

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Aptoide is launching version 2.0 of its App Store for TV. Our team has come a long way to develop a stable version adapting to the 3 distribution channels mentioned above. Not only this version of the TV App Store can be downloaded directly by any user on Aptoide’s landing page, it also can be found in Android devices as a white-label.

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What is exciting is that this vertical store’s UX is strictly designed for the TV environment, with Apps that are fit for a wide-screen, categorized by type of remote control, Top video Apps, and Games. For any other mobile app, the user will be able to search in other stores inside the large pool of Android Apps inside the Aptoide Market, just like one does with the Aptoide vanilla App Store.

If you have an Android SmarTV or Android STB, give Aptoide TV a try.

To have access to our white label App Store solution, please contact us.