The Aptoide team is a happy bunch! We place a great deal of importance on building the right internal culture. That shows on the multidisciplinary and collaborative spirit that we have here. But hey, don't take our word for it, here's 5 facts that make Aptoide a great place to work at!

1. Multicultural Environment

When working at Aptoide you're constantly immersed in a multicultural environment, as you have to work closely with people from all over the world, within your team as well as when dealing with users and developers. Not only are Latin America, USA and Asia the major markets for us, but we also have offices abroad - China & Singapore, and counting! - and many partners around the globe.

2. Cutting Edge Technology

At Aptoide we like to keep up with the best state of the art technologies - because, let's face it, Aptoide is a global social platform, and obviously you'll be dealing with the big guns! Whether it is the next big thing in Android, or the largest Big Data platform, the most interesting Social Graph Network analysis systems, cutting edge Sentiment Analysis or the most sophisticated Digital Marketing Stacks - we have it all. All of this to bring you the best Android App Store possible.

3. Opportunity To Have An Impact In The Lifes Of Over A 100 Million Active Users

At Aptoide you just can't step aside from influencing the company's performance. You will matter and you will make a change, as you are always encouraged to innovate and can feel the direct impact of your actions on a daily basis. This obviously only fits insanely ambitious people. Also, with the large user base Aptoide has, any small change will have a huge impact!

4. Fast Growth

The IT sector not only provides you with the closest thing there is to the classic "secure job for life" but it's also the most dynamic and rapidly evolving area today. Not only that, but also, at Aptoide you feel the growth pace every single day. New people, new resources, new things happening. All the time! All day, everyday!

5. Flat Organizational Structure

If you believe in the mystical figure called "the boss”, who appears in the office and causes panic and grief, I'm really sorry to disappoint you, but you will find the environment at Aptoide really disturbing and uncomfortable. In all seriousness, at Aptoide you get to be friends with both colleagues and superiors. It's the startup culture at it's best!

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