Remember when we got you wondering about what we could do to help you cut through the noise and bring you the most innovative, exciting and jaw-dropping apps? Cue the Aptoide App Awards, and you've got your answer.


As you may or may not know, Aptoide is all about cool awesome games, so to win an Aptoide award is kind of a big deal. In the week that the tech world meets at Web Summit, a.k.a the best technology conference on the planet, we set out to browse the internet to find and reward the cream of the crop of the Portuguese android talent - and of course, make all these finest apps available worldwide on the Aptoide app store.

From a total of 1000 apps created by Portuguese talented developers, we narrowed it down and divided it into two categories: 10 finalists in the gaming apps category and 10 finalists in the utility apps category. And today we introduce you to the 10 finalist apps in the gaming category that will have you playing days on end.

If you’re looking for fun, challenging, addictive games, check out these 10 apps that are stretching the boundaries of gaming, and prepare to get addicted.

![](/content/images/2016/10/megaramp.png) 1. **[MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE](**
MegaRamp is a hell of a fun game! Specially designed for the adrenaline junkie and lovers of skate and BMX, MegaRamp allows you to ride on the world’s largest action sports superstructures. Travel the world, master new skate and bmx tricks, get new gear, and learn from the pros. Are you ready to drop in?
![](/content/images/2016/10/smash.png) 2. **[Smash Time](**
If you're looking for a weird exciting game, look no further. This is your guy. Smash Time will take you on the ride of your life to fight the nonstop-growing-aliens that devour everything that crosses their way. Have fun squishing these not-so-little guys, but be careful no to smash your screen...
![](/content/images/2016/10/raccoon.png) 3. **[Raccoon Escape](**
Very addictive game that will entertain you for hours on end to rescue that poor little raccoon. This is a fast paced endless runner where all your attention and skills will be needed. All in all, amazing graphics and hooking gameplay - you'll want to take the raccoon home and take care of him for life.
![](/content/images/2016/10/quiz.png) 4. **[Super Quiz Português](**
Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, I know I do. This one is for the portuguese-speakers out there, who will be trilled to play this cooler version of trivial pursuit. Test your knowledge and get 1 (*virtual*, sorry!) Million Dollars in real time.
![](/content/images/2016/10/zombie.png) 5. **[Shane Reaction! Zombie Dash](**
Simple graphics but loads of fun! Don’t be fooled by the cartoonish graphic - Shane Reaction will test your zombie killing skills to the max. In this game, you get to be Shane, a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. Whatever you do, don't take your finger off that screen, or you'll have all those zombies coming for you. Yikes!
![](/content/images/2016/10/parigami.png) 6. **[Parigami](**
The challenge here is to combine slide rows and columns to match colourful animal pieces. With 50 challenging levels and a rich interactive map, Parigami allows you to connect from anywhere, and play with everyone on Facebook. It is one of those games that will keep you up all night, dreaming about that *next* level and cutesy little animals.
![](/content/images/2016/10/idle.png) 7. **[Idle Town](**
Don't be fooled - Idle Town might be the *CUTEST* game ever, but it is also the most competitive town where you can build your own n empire of mighty coffee shops and yummy ice cream vans. Will you gamble your money and earn enormous prizes, or will you lose all your richness? Warning: You'll find yourself daydreaming about adorable little houses and delicious ice cream.
![](/content/images/2016/10/minimon.png) 8. **[Minimon 3D](**
Minimon 3D is pretty cool, as it encourages you to capture and train a team of monsters in a parallel world where anything is possible. Enter the world of Minimon and challenge all arena leaders and collect cool badges. This is one of those games you'll have a hard time putting down.
![](/content/images/2016/10/tower.png) 9. **[Tower Slash](**
In a retro style environment, Tower Slash is an action pixel art game that challenges you to climb the Everlasting Tower and defeat the tower guardian knights - this one will *definitely* push you to your limits. Have you got the necessary skills to beat your friends scores and become the ultimate tower slasher? Fight your way to the top - only the fastest finger will survive!
![](/content/images/2016/10/infinity.png) 10. **[Infinity Loop](**
With endless levels, the Infinity Loop is the zen version of a 21st century Tetris game. the goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels. It's like spa at the tip of your fingers. *Ahhhhhh*.

Which one(s) is your favourite? Let us know below and help us decide! The winners will be announced on November 8th at one of the coolest rooftop venues in Lisbon - TOPO Martim Moniz, on the second day of the Web Summit , so if you're in Lisbon come grab a drink and celebrate with the top leaders in the mobile scene - all while enjoying one of the best views in town.

If you'd like to come celebrate with us hurry up and register to guarantee your spot as space is limited.