"The principal attraction of Android is that it's an open system". The citation is from Andy Rubin (Wired, Dec 2011), Android's creator. Is Google really closing Android ?
This is the first post where I will try to provide some examples of Google's practices with the contribution of some people that helped me on gathering the information.

My first example is about the Distribution and Installation of Apps in Android from third-party sources.
Let's take a look at Android's Apps Distribution Policy Page:

November 2012
October 2014
Did you notice the change ? The first paragraph is (yet) the same but the title from "Open Distribution" became "Alternative Distribution Options".
This subtle change took effect in the Android platform in different ways. Making more difficult the installation from third-party sources is the most critical one.

The Android's code had been changed by Google's developers and the differences between Android 2.1 and Android 4.0 (and higher) are summarized bellow:Changes in AndroidI personally think that this strategy is not good for Android, neither for Google.As Rubin said, Android got Market share because of being open. As a community, we should guarantee that it remains free. Raising our voice , yer, but also developing tools that provide a full AOSP stack that competes with Google proprietary solutions.