If you have an Android App then you’re facing a problem - even if you don’t know - you do have a problem! Your App is competing with millions and millions of other apps and you only have a few windows of opportunity - you are limited to standard AppStore’s placements and your app has poor discovery.

The Top App Developers list is almost static and there’s a reason for that - you need a huge advertising budget in order to have real exposure and visibility for your App.

It’s cool that big studios and top tier game developers have visibility to expose their really awesome games but it makes life harder for independent developers - you don’t have that kind of investment capability or you don’t want to take that kind of risk.

The trick is: you have to try harder and explore different and creative ways - just publishing your app in the standard AppStore won’t work for you. But don’t worry, we have a few ideas to share with you. Let's talk a little bit about App Distribution and the options that you - App developer or publisher - have available.

Here's what Developer.android.com has to say about App Distribution:

“As an open platform, Android offers choice. You can distribute your Android apps to users in any way you want, using any distribution approach or a combination of approaches that meets your needs. From publishing in an app marketplace to serving your apps from a website or emailing them directly users, you’re never locked into any particular distribution platform.

The process for building and packaging your apps for distribution is the same, regardless of how you distribute them. This saves you time and lets you automate parts of the process as needed.”

Technically, you have 4 ways to have your Android App available for your users:

  1. Sending the apk directly to users via e-mail

  2. Direct Download links in websites

  3. Pre-load in Mobile device (negotiating with Device Manufactures)

  4. App Marketplaces (e.g., Google Play, Aptoide, Amazon AppStore)

Of course, don’t count only on the Marketplaces' own traffic. You have millions of ways to redirect traffic (free or paid) to your App inside the Marketplaces.

Meet our Developer Relations Team if you’d like to explore new ways to be successful in this market.

Here's a word of advice; make sure you explore all the distribution channels, and don't limit your App to the standard marketplace. Maximize your exposure and ultimately, you will maximize your revenue. You would like to feature your app on Aptoide? Here's how you can do it. Get in touch & let's talk.

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